What is the Easiest Scholarship to Get in the UK for International Students?


If you’re an international student looking to study in the UK, securing a scholarship can greatly help alleviate the financial burden. However, finding the easiest scholarship to get can often be a challenging task. In this article, we will explore some of the scholarships that are relatively easier to obtain for international students in the UK.

1. Chevening Scholarships

Among the various scholarships available for international students in the UK, Chevening Scholarships are highly sought after. These prestigious scholarships are funded by the UK government and offer fully-funded opportunities to outstanding individuals with leadership potential. While the competition is tough, the application process is straightforward, and the rewards are substantial.

2. Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth Scholarships, funded by the UK government, are another excellent option for international students. These scholarships aim to contribute to the development of nations by attracting talented individuals from Commonwealth countries. The application process is relatively less competitive, making it easier for eligible students to secure funding for their studies.

3. University-specific Scholarships

Many universities in the UK offer their own scholarships exclusively for international students. These scholarships are often tailored to specific courses or programs, and the selection criteria may vary. Students can explore the websites of different UK universities to find information about these scholarships and check if they meet the eligibility requirements.

4. Sports Scholarships

If you excel in a particular sport, you may have the opportunity to secure a sports scholarship. Many UK universities offer scholarships to international students who demonstrate exceptional sporting abilities. These scholarships not only provide financial support but also help students pursue their athletic careers while obtaining a quality education.

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5. Subject-specific Scholarships

Certain scholarships in the UK are dedicated to specific fields of study. These scholarships are designed to attract talented students to pursue studies in areas that are in high demand. For example, scholarships for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects are often more accessible due to the demand for skilled professionals in these fields.


While finding scholarships for international students in the UK can be competitive, there are several options that are relatively easier to obtain. Chevening Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships, university-specific scholarships, sports scholarships, and subject-specific scholarships are all worth exploring. Remember to thoroughly read the eligibility criteria and application requirements for each scholarship to increase your chances of success. Start your scholarship search early, prepare a strong application, and seize the opportunity to fulfill your academic aspirations in the UK.